Excerpt 17

She watched him, unsure of her next move. Had she engineered it all? If so, she should know what to do now. If she hadn’t engineered it, if it was a gift from the gods, how did one properly respond? The bliss of revelation faded when confronted with the need for detailed action. A direct approach would make her seem crazy. For the sake of argument she imagined an honest delivery: So I’m grieving my own life, but I started at the wrong end of grief, by accepting it. What’s that? No. I’m not dying. It’s much worse than that. I’m getting married.

Kak couldn’t imagine getting farther than that. She hadn’t expected the deities to be this benevolent. Now that the answer was provided she found she didn’t know how to ask the question.

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  1. “Yesterday’s answers have nothing to do with today’s questions.” ~ Losing My Senses by Megadeth

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