Excerpt 26

His lips kept moving but she’d stopped listening to him. She didn’t hear the idle chitchat between other customers. Didn’t feel her grip on the door handle or hear the person complaining she was letting all the air conditioning escape. It was all drowned out by the rumble and groan of mutual gravity taking hold. 

She could barely breath as she felt it pulling their two masses toward each other in a near-miss that might this time be destined to slingshot her past him in a delicious backward trajectory toward anger and denial.

A voice rose above the cosmic roar in her head. The voice said, ‘and it was in this manner that bargaining would come to replace depression’.

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6 responses to “Excerpt 26”

  1. This is amazing. Description is juicy and exciting! The emotions are strongly coming through. I must read more!

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    1. Thanks, Nova, for the kind comments.

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  2. Currently, sitting in my kindle.. waiting for me:)

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  3. Always keep,your head centered on the person you might be bargaining with. Even better, just hold on to them then when gravity takes effect.

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    1. Thanks, usfman, for reading and commenting.


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