Excerpt 29

Carter licked the tequila from his lips. “Remember what Plato said. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. So stay the fuck away from them. It could rub off. We just have to drink you through this philosophical period.”

Rudy frowned into his own empty shot glass. “I don’t think Plato said—”

“I’ll take drunken philosophers for one thousand.”

“Can we not do that?”

“Drunken philosophers,” Carter insisted.

“I’m not in the mood for gin joint Jeopardy right now.”

“For one thousand.”

“I’m telling you. I can’t feel my lips anymore.”

Carter brightened and slapped the table. “What did Socrates say after he drank hemlock?”

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One response to “Excerpt 29”

  1. I would prefer to select undrunken philosophers for a thousand. There’s no point in glorifying this addiction.

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