He saved his letter of resignation as a draft. He’d send it just before dropping his laptop and phone into a FedEx package at Miami International. 

There was the matter of the crab. He supposed he should put it outside before he left for Roatán. You never knew what housekeeping would do. They might just dump it in the trash.

But where to release it? There was no beach on this part of the island. Just dump it in the deep water off the seawall? Was it that kind of crab? He had no clue.

To hell with it. She didn’t care about the damned thing. Why should he? He took it from the makeshift habitat and out to the balcony. A good throw would make the water. Maybe. If the wind didn’t catch it.

The crab had brought its big purple claw up tight to plug the opening of the shell. That’s right, Rudy thought. Brace yourself. Everyone else had to. Whether it sailed into the water or shattered on the pool deck, it would be settled.

He moved back to the sliding glass door so he could step into the throw.

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