Excerpt 38

Fifty yards ahead, in the center of the cemetery, a light flickered. In its glow a figure waited. Baba Nono. Kak couldn’t help thinking of him as an arrow, tall and straight, fired into the bullseye of this principality of silence. The iguanas stirred and she hurried to catch up and walk at Liliana’s side.

They stepped into the trembling dome of light thrown by a single candle on a slab that stretched out before Baba Nono. More iguanas gathered here, posted around the perimeter. Their jaws flexed and stretched in the dim glow. They paid no attention to Liliana or Kak. The iguanas stared at the man, transfixed, as if waiting for something to happen.

The Midnight Penny Challenge: Click the link to get the book for 99 cents. If you don’t like it I’ll mail you 99 pennies that spent a midnight in Key West Cemetery.

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