Excerpt 43

No sign hung on the building. There was just a street number above the door leading into the small reception area. One table. Four chairs. A stack of magazines. An interior door across from the entrance stood locked. Beside it, a window with two panes of glass slid back and forth in front of a receptionist in a Batman t-shirt.

“Welcome to the Clinic,” she said. 

It wasn’t the kind of place with an ad in the Yellow Pages. There would be no Facebook page posting the latest happenings. The Clinic specialized in helping women with a specific problem.

4 responses to “Excerpt 43”

  1. Fear of barmen. Reeled my interest in big time. Thanks🙃

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    1. Thanks for reading—and commenting!


      1. Oh think I meant fear of Batman. Love predictive txt lol

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      2. Happens constantly. I knew what you meant!

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