If he stood any chance of solving the problem his brain needed food. But not in a dense crowd of dense people in a bar or restaurant. Rudy walked down to Fausto’s Food Palace on Fleming Avenue. At the deli he got the roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and steamed vegetables to go. He grabbed a six-pack of cold Sunset Ale because he wanted to drink from a bottle.

The checkout woman greeted him from under a fluorescent light that flickered every few seconds.

“How can you stand that?” Rudy asked, telling himself not to count the flutters but counting them just the same.

“Stand what?” the checkout woman said.

“Never mind.”

He walked the twelve minutes back to Ocean Key Resort and shut himself in his room to get the wobbling messages of fluorescent ruination out of his head.

Get your shit together, Rudini. Max is alive. The game is afoot. You have a Q4 problem to solve.

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