Excerpt 35

“I like my coffee like my men,” Liliana said.


If this was funny Liliana didn’t know it. “I need another bucci,” she said, pushing empty cup toward Kak.

“You can’t tell him about Sanibel,” Kak said.

“Can’t tell who?”

“Come on.”

“I would like another bucci.”

Liliana downed the second shot of espresso as she did the first. When she’d licked the crema from the edge of the cup she said, “What are you playing at with Rudy?”

“I’m not playing at anything. He’s helping me.”

“Does he know he’s helping you?”

“He has the gist of it.”

“Does the gist include your Saturday wedding?”

Kak inspected her empty espresso cup. “No.”

Click the link to see why Kak can’t stop going backwards through grief-

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